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Defense for East Bay Assault Charges

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When you are charged with assault, rape, or another violent crime, you need an aggressive Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyer with the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to protect your rights and help you achieve a favorable outcome under the circumstances of your situation.

Our attorneys at The Cardoza Law Offices have spent 35 years providing proactive criminal defense representation to clients throughout the East Bay and the greater Bay Area. We have served clients in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas, including Alameda County, Oakland and San Francisco. If you are arrested, or someone you know is charged with assault or a related violent crime, speed is critical.

Before you talk to the police or any other official, call us at (925) 274-2900. Our defense lawyers can help protect your rights when you need it most.

Resources & Experience to Make a Difference

From the moment you've been arrested, our firm will immediately launch an investigation into your case using the services of professional investigators, forensics experts, and other specialists. We gather testimony from potential witnesses before they can be intimidated by the police or the prosecution.

Our defense attorneys are ready with immediate assistance in cases involving:

  • Murder/homicide defense - including premeditated homicide, felony charges, capital murder, and more
  • Vehicular manslaughter - such as drunk driving or hit and run matters
  • Arson - related to murder or insurance fraud
  • Assault - including carjacking, kidnapping, hate crimes, child abuse, and domestic violence
  • Aggravated assault - such as assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery and intent to cause serious injury
  • Battery - with or without weapons or serious injury
  • Sexual assault - involving rape, date rape, and child molestation

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

With 35 years of legal practice and 12 years of experience as an Assistant District Attorney, Attorney Michael Cardoza leads his staff from a position of insight and confidence in how the other side is likely to prepare the case against you. Together with our thorough investigation, this allows us to build an assault defense or violent crime case for trial with the strength and confidence that may help you find a more favorable outcome. Trust your freedom to an experienced Walnut Creek criminal law firm committed to protecting your rights and best interest.

The Cardoza Law Offices offers free, no-obligation consultations and we will visit you in jail if need be. For immediate assistance, call our violent crime defense attorneys.