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California is one of the more liberal states in the country when it comes to marijuana laws. While recreational marijuana is still not legal, it has been “de-criminalized” to a certain extent. However, more serious violations can still carry misdemeanor or felony consequences, including permanent criminal records, jail time, and more.

If you are arrested and charged with a marijuana crime in California, it is important that you retain the services of a skilled Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyer. At the Cardoza Law Offices, Inc., our team of East Bay attorneys has dedicated their practice to standing up for those who are facing the harshness of the criminal justice system. We provide each of our clients with a highly-focused approach that is determined to get a positive outcome for their case, whether a minor infraction or serious felony.

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Marijuana Violations in California

California considers marijuana to be a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance, and has laws for nearly every type of possession:

  • Simple Marijuana Possession: Possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use (less than 28.5 grams) is considered a minor infraction with a $100 maximum fine, however more than 28.5 grams is a misdemeanor charge. Possession with intent to distribute is a felony, with a prison sentence between 16 months and 3 years.
  • Marijuana Sale: Selling marijuana is a felony with a maximum penalty of 7 years, depending on the nature of the sale.
  • Marijuana Cultivation: Growing your own marijuana in any amount without authorization is a felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of three years.
  • Possession of Paraphernalia: Selling paraphernalia items, such as pipes, joint papers, and other marijuana paraphernalia, is a misdemeanor charge, carrying a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

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