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Walnut Creek Fraud Defense Lawyers

Accused of Fraud? Contact Our East Bay Criminal Attorneys.

Crimes of fraud occur when a person commits actions that result in an unfair benefit for the defendant and either harmed another person or caused them loss. There are a wide variety of fraud charges, most of which are considered white collar crimes. At The Cardoza Law Offices, our Walnut Creek criminal defense attorneys have an in-depth understanding of white collar crime laws and the financial industry, and have a proven track record of producing real results for our clients.

Our firm represents clients who have been accused of numerous fraud and white collar crimes, such as:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Elder and nursing home fraud
  • Forgery and identity theft

Penalties for Criminal Convictions

Depending on any prior criminal history and the specific facts of your case, fraud charges may either be misdemeanors or felony offenses. A conviction can carry serious consequences, including long prison terms, costly fines, and even the revocation of a professional license. In addition to this, the government is permitted to seize any assets that were involved in the fraudulent activity. Having a mark on your permanent criminal record severely impacts your reputation and chances of keeping your current job or obtaining future employment.

Don't let accusations ruin your future. Contact The Cardoza Law Offices.

Defending Professionals & Officials

Our East Bay law firm has substantial experience defending individuals, businesses, professionals, and elected officials from white collar criminal charges. If you suspect that you are under investigation, it is important to act immediately. When you retain our Walnut Creek criminal lawyers, we take action right away, attempt to forestall arrest, prevent indictment, and create the strongest possible defense to protect your freedom, finances, and professional reputation.

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