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Walnut Creek Internet Crime Lawyer

Defense for Online Fraud, Piracy, & Theft Charges in East Bay

Experience makes a huge difference when you are choosing a lawyer to defend you against internet crime charges. These offenses often involve a complex process of discovery to help prove your innocence and can vary in complexity from case to case. At The Cardoza Law Offices, our Walnut Creek criminal defense attorneys have substantial experience protecting your rights if you have been charged with an internet crime in the East Bay.

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Internet crimes can be sensitive matters with lasting personal and professional consequences. There are no formulaic answers or generic approaches to online offenses. You need specific legal guidance and highly knowledgeable representation, to help protect your future.

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Led by nationally-known defense attorney Michael Cardoza, our law firm has the legal and technical knowledge and resources to handle your criminal defense needs in an internet crimes case.

We can help if you've been accused of:

  • Possession or distribution of internet child pornography
  • Online sexual solicitation of a minor
  • Extortion or terror threats carried out over the Internet
  • Embezzlement, credit card fraud, or banking fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Illegal downloading or file sharing
  • Data piracy
  • Computer hacking, spam e-mail, or phishing schemes
  • Corruption of public, private, or corporate data with viruses or malware
  • Use or distribution of illegal spyware

Help When You've Been Accused

Thorough investigation is crucial to defend online crimes cases. It is important to ensure that any physical or digital evidence is obtained through proper procedures and in accordance with the law. It is also vital to determine whether or not evidence was planted or wrongfully attributed to you.

In some internet crimes cases, the force of the evidence may be overwhelming. When a case dismissal or not guilty verdict is unlikely, our Walnut Creek defense lawyers can work diligently to protect your rights and freedom against overzealous prosecutors seeking punishments that are out of proportion with the crime.

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