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Illegal Downloading Crimes in East Bay

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The Internet gives us the ability to transmit files of any type to anyone else nearly instantaneously, but this is not always in line with the law regarding things such as intellectual property or sensitive information. Illegal downloading is one of the most commonly-occurring crimes anywhere in the world nowadays; so common that estimates have posited that in 2010 more than 75% of all computers had at least one piece of software on them that was illegally downloaded, totaling more than $59 billion. This was bolstered by a generally lax public opinion on online piracy, with 70% of all users saying they found nothing wrong with illegal downloading.

Because of this immense financial impact and the ease with which this crime can be committed, federal investigators have significantly ramped up their efforts to stop illegal downloads, both by making more arrests and levying extraordinarily harsh penalties. If you are accused of illegal downloading in East Bay, it is imperative that you retain the services of a Walnut Creek criminal attorney who is well-versed in copyright and Internet crime laws to help you fight back against your charges.

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Illegal Downloading Laws and Penalties

Illegal downloading is a federal crime that is protected by United States Code Title 17, sections 501 and 506. This constantly-evolving piece of legislation prohibits the unauthorized copying, distribution, or transmission of copyrighted material. This essentially means that if you do not own the rights to a particular piece of intellectual property, you are forbidden downloading it or hosting it for download, as both of these actions make an illegal copy of that particular work.

Some common creative works that are frequently downloaded illegally include:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Computer software
  • Video games
  • Confidential information

The penalties for a conviction of illegal downloading are intense, making a well-orchestrated criminal defense vital to your future and your livelihood. According to statutes, illegal downloading could cause you to have to pay out damages ranging from $750 to $30,000 per work. That means a 10-song album illegally downloaded could cause you to pay $300,000 in damages! However, there have been even bigger damages awarded in the past, including a Minnesota woman who was required to pay $80,000 per song, totally nearly $2 million in fines!

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