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Quality Counsel for Lewd Conduct Charges

The name “lewd conduct” is placed on any sort of act involving touching of the genitals, posterior, or female breasts in public with the intent of sexual gratification. This crime is often paired with indecent exposure by prosecutors, meaning you could face serious charges if you go court unprepared and without experienced counsel on your side. Additionally, many of the arrests and charges of lewd conduct are the result of questionable sting operations by law enforcement, meaning you should fight back against your potentially wrongful charges and clear your name.

At Cardoza Law Offices Inc., we have a long history of success in sex crime cases, including reducing and clearing clients of lewd conduct charges. Founding attorney Michael Cardoza has taken more than 250 cases to jury trial, and have developed one of the most compelling track records of success in the area. As an East Bay criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Cardoza is dedicated to helping his clients clear their name and maintain their freedoms from the harshness of the criminal justice system.

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Elements of Lewd Conduct

In order to successfully convict you of the crime of lewd conduct, your prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the four elements of the crime were present in the act. The four elements of lewd conduct are:

  • You touched your private parts or someone else’s private parts
  • You performed the act for the purpose of sexual gratification
  • You did this in public, or in a place open to public view
  • You knew or should have reasonably been aware of the presence of a third party who would be offended by the act

Penalties of Lewd Conduct

A simple lewd conduct charge is considered a misdemeanor which most often means you face probation, fines and up to a year in jail in serious instances. However, it is not currently considered a registerable offense, meaning you are not required to register as a sex offender if you are convicted.

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