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East Bay Molestation Charges

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Sex crimes are always taken very seriously by law enforcement and prosecutors, and crimes against minors in particular can result in life-altering consequences. Child molestation can occur in a number of different ways, but all are highly illegal and can lead to significant prison time, fines, and other criminal penalties.

The skilled Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyers at The Cardoza Law Offices can help you fight back against the allegations against you—even if they are as serious as child molestation. Our Walnut Creek law firm has extensive criminal defense experience, including high-profile and high-stakes proceedings. Attorney Michael Cardoza has over 35 years of litigation experience and has made over 500 appearances on various television programs to share his trusted legal insight with the public.

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Penalties for a Child Molestation Conviction

Sexual misconduct law is highly complicated and a number of various factors dictate how your case is charged and how your legal defense should be approached. Likewise, different charges all carry different penalties, but you can expect to see the following for nearly all of them:

  • Significant jail sentences, including an increased amount if force was used
  • Large fines
  • Permanent registry as a sex offender
  • A strike under California’s 3-strikes law

Additionally, registered sex offenders are restricted in where they are allowed to live. The state of California prohibits registered child molesting sex offenders from living near schools, parks, or any other place where children may congregate. Likewise, every sex offender is required to inform local law enforcement of their residence.

If you are facing child molestation charges in East Bay, do not attempt to face the legal system alone. An experienced Walnut Creek criminal defense attorney can help you by analyzing the evidence and determining the best course of action to secure a favorable result. With so much at stake, let The Cardoza Law offices represent you and help protect your freedom and reputation.

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