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Under California Penal Code 518 PC, extortion or “blackmail” occurs when you use threats or force to compel another person to give you money or property or perform an act. This can occur in numerous other ways, such as threatening violence against an individual in a robbery or burglary, or threatening to expose embarrassing or slandering information to compel an individual to perform a particular act. Threatening a public officer, or using your rights as a public officer to force another individual to give you money or property or perform an act is also considered extortion.

Like many other white collar crimes, authorities often believe that extortion is part of a larger criminal enterprise, which is why it is always recommended that the accused retain aggressive and incisive legal defense. The Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyers at the Cardoza Law Offices, Inc. have represented numerous clients in criminal defense cases, including extortion and blackmailing charges. Principal Attorney Michael Cardoza is a former criminal prosecutor who has obtained national renown through more than 35 years of legal practice.

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Common Extortion Defenses

Extortion charges can be very difficult to fight, which is why the services of an experienced criminal defender are vital. If you are facing charges of extortion, there are a few common defenses that may be applicable to your case.

Common extortion defenses include:

  • You did not compel or force the victim into performing the act or handing over the property
  • There is not enough evidence to prove the crime
  • You have been falsely accused

A legal professional will be able to assist you with the proper utilization of this or any other defense arguments in your case. Attorney Cardoza’s respected position within the legal community has seen him named to The National Trial Lawyers list of Top 100 Trial Lawyers, the California list of Super Lawyers®, and led to over 500 appearances on television shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, Today, and Larry King Live. He knows what it takes to combat these allegations and is ready to start assessing your case.

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