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Tax Evasion Charges in East Bay

Experienced Walnut Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you deliberately attempt to deceive the government on your taxes to try to minimize how much you have to pay, then you could potentially be found guilty of tax evasion. Tax evasion carries extremely heavy consequences, as you could be potentially be found guilty on either the state or federal level, or even both.

Because of the potentially life-changing consequences of a guilty conviction of tax evasion, it is important to retain the guidance of a skilled Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyer. At the Cardoza Law Offices, Attorney Michael Cardoza has over 35 years of practice experience in a wide variety of criminal cases, including tax evasion charges. He has also been trusted as a commentator on legal matters for national media, making over 500 appearances on television.

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What Is Tax Evasion?

Tax evasion charges can come in a number of different forms. Tax laws are extremely complex, requiring considerable experience to be able to demonstrate to your prosecution that you were not dodging your tax duties, but merely attempting to reduce them to the fullest legal extent (known as tax minimization, which is not illegal).

Actions that constitute tax evasion can include:

  • Failing to report all of the income you earned
  • Failing to file a tax return at all
  • Falsifying your tax return
  • Falsely filing in another state
  • Intentionally paying too little in taxes
  • Lying or misleading an auditor

Being suspected of tax evasion is a serious ordeal, and will subject you to the headaches and legal difficulties of a tax audit. If this investigation finds you guilty of intentionally attempting to dodge your tax duty through false claims and improper accounting, you could be facing fines of up to $20,000 and a year in jail.

Don’t face the potentially devastating consequences of tax evasion without first contacting the Cardoza Law Offices, Inc. and letting us assist you through your investigation.