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These are the pillars of our practice, all directed towards a single purpose: utilize the law for the maximum benefit of our clients. Our approach has made us the legal voice for mainstream media programs across the nation, with over 500 appearances. More importantly, our approach has worked for the good of our clients. Our dual understanding of the law and its many contexts makes our firm an incredible asset for a wide range of legal needs. After 35 years of practice, Lead Attorney Michael Cardoza has created powerful legal solutions for clients in the courtroom and the boardroom.

Landmark Wrongful Death/Animal Attack Case

Mr. Cardoza represented Sharon Smith when a dog mauling attack killed her domestic partner Diane Whipple. Ms. Smith rightfully demanded reparations on behalf of her partner, despite laws at the time forbidding same-sex couples from filing claims of that kind. The case successfully overcame discriminatory same-sex laws while Ms. Smith received over $1 million in reparation as a result of our efforts.

The San Francisco Zoo Mauling

The Cardoza Law Offices represented the Sousa family in a 2007 wrongful death case. Their son, Carlos Sousa Jr., was killed by a tiger that had escaped its enclosure, and successfully fought for reparations on behalf of Carlos and his family. Attorney Michael Cardoza successfully challenged allegations that the boy was responsible for his own death by taunting the tiger, and the firm succeeded in determining that the Zoo was the guilty party.

The Barry Bonds Steroid Trial

When Steve Hoskins, the best friend of renowned Giants hitter Barry Bonds, testified before the Grand Jury about his steroid use, he chose Mr. Cardoza as his representation. The Grand Jury eventually indicted Bonds for perjury as a result of Hoskins' testimony and Cardoza's counsel.

Defense Against Murder In A Drug Raid Gone Wrong

Attorney Cardoza's client, James Murphy, was charged with a murder from an unsolved case 30 years prior. Our attorney and the legal team challenged the testimony of the witnesses, ensuring that the only evidence brought against the client was legitimate and trustworthy. In the end, the efforts of Mr. Cardoza and his group of litigators determined that there was not nearly enough evidence to prove that Mr. Murphy was guilty of murder. He was awarded a not-guilty verdict, the first in San Mateo in over 20 years.

Oakland Assault Charges

Mr. Cardoza successfully defended his client from felony assault charges that alleged that he was part of a group of attackers in an assault. Our attorney challenged each testimony and evidence that was not admissible or satisfactory. In the end, he sufficiently proved that the evidence was not applicable to his client, and the client was found not guilty.