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Suffering an injury can be a personally devastating situation. When someone has been hurt as a result of the negligence or apathy of another, a lack of justice adds even more pain to the equation. While The Cardoza Law Offices cannot undo the actions of others, we fight to make sure that victims of negligence receive the provision they need to survive, as well as the compensation they deserve.

We also relentlessly pursue justice on behalf of our clients, making sure that the perpetrators of negligence do not walk away without paying for the damage they've caused others. Our East Bay injury lawyers do our best to bring closure to individuals who have been injured by the action of others.

Over Three Decades of Fighting for Clients

Our Walnut Creek firm is led by Attorney Michael Cardoza, who has over 35 years of litigation experience. Widely recognized by his peers and the mainstream media as a legal authority, his precise insight into personal injury law has made him the trusted counsel of hundreds of individuals and organizations. He understands, both personally and legally, the struggles of a personal injury case. Our firm is devoted to handling your case with relentless determination to receive justice on your behalf, recovering the reparations that are due to you under the law.

We handle a variety of personal injury cases:

If you or a loved one has been wrongly hurt, either through negligence or in a preventable accident, your situation demands repayment. While we cannot change the past, we can certainly help provide for your future. Enlist the help of an experienced, compassionate Walnut Creek personal injury lawyer who will aggressively fight for you.

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