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California is considered to be a strict liability state with regard to injuries caused by dog and animal bites. This means that, from the moment that ownership begins, the dog's owner is held responsible for the injuries under most circumstances.

At The Cardoza Law Offices, we have an extensive understanding of the legal, financial, and personal challenges that are often involved in dog bite and animal attack cases. Following your injuries, there will often be costly expenses needed to cover medical care, physical rehabilitation, and even plastic or reconstructive surgery. Our goal is to help you get compensation as soon as possible so that you can focus on recovering and returning to daily life.

Some of the notable cases that we have represented:

  • The San Francisco dog mauling case in 2001, when a woman was attacked and killed by two large dogs in her apartment complex hallway. We helped the victim’s estate recover $1.5 million in damages through a wrongful death suit against the dog owners.
  • The San Francisco Zoo tiger mauling case in 2007, when a tiger jumped out of its enclosure and killed a 17-year-old visitor, while wounding two others. We successfully brought charges against the zoo for negligence, wrongful death, and public nuisance.

What to Do Immediately Following an Attack

If you have suffered a dog bite or animal attack, immediately seek medical treatment, including a vaccination against rabies. If possible, obtain the contact information of the owner. If not possible, contact animal control or law enforcement. When your urgent medical needs have been attended to, be sure to note detailed evidence from the scene, including location, photos, and even a description of the type of animal and breed. Finally, contact our law firm in Walnut Creek and find out if you have legal cause for a personal injury claim.

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