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Testimonials: The Cardoza Law Offices

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  • You couldn't find a better lawyer!

    You couldn't find a better lawyer! Talk with him you will see. I was ecstatic with my settlement in my case.

  • Mr. Cardoza and his staff are terrific!

    Mr. Cardoza and his staff are terrific! My civil case was handled with professionalism and sensitivity. The settlement was beyond my expectations!

  • I can say is he is a miracle worker

    Mr. Cardoza has represented me in all my criminal cases. Best I can say is he is a miracle worker I have not done one day in jail.

  • Mr. Cardoza's representation was outstanding

    Mr. Cardoza's representation was outstanding. He was sensitive to my wishes & feelings but was aggressive in his defense of me.

  • Michael Cardoza and Jacqueline Fagerlin are two of the most able attorneys in California

    Michael Cardoza and Jacqueline Fagerlin are two of the most able attorneys in California, and that's from someone who has worked and works with countless lawyers across the state. They are relentless bulldogs, absolutely thoroughly prepared, high-level attorneys-at-law. They bring astonishing passion and commitment to their work and most importantly, to you, the client. If it matters to you, it really matters to them. Extraordinary.

  • He was magnificent.

    Michael represented me in the most difficult time of my life. He not only handled the civil portion of my case, but he was magnificent in his dealings with the press.

  • Every time I have gotten into trouble with the law I always call them, why?.... because I know I will get good results out of it.

    I've been represented by Cardoza law offices for the past 14yrs. Every time I have gotten into trouble with the law I always call them, why?.... because I know I will get good results out of it. -First case I caught I got results beyond my expectation back in 2002. -In 2013 I caught a DUI case, results were good. -On Jan 2014 I caught another DUI once again I contacted them to represent me and I was extremely surprised of the outcome. Mr. Cardoza & his team worked their magic and got me a good deal!... As we all know every case is different, so don't go by what others say on here. ...If you cant do the time don't do the crime!..... Key thing in dealing with cases from my experience is TIME... don't get anxious and think they are not doing anything with your case, lawyers have other cases not just yours. That's what I have learned, by waiving time you are allowing the Cardoza team to get you a better deal!.... Somethings are worth waiting for... They have not only represented me but family members and friends as well, cases to where they were looking at yrs. of prison. The outcome of those cases were good. The team sat us down explained to us what challenges they faced and what they were working with. I HIGHLY recommend them if you get a criminal case. "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" ...... so if your complaining about them charging you thousands of dollars then don't do the crime!... but I will say this.... Every penny I've spent with them has been well worth it!. I will for sure hire them again if needed!

  • He has fantastic client representation

    He has fantastic client representation, is sympathetic, and does a great job recovering loses. In 1999 I was arrested for 187, in other words murder, and I was acquitted of all charges in November of 2000. It was in San Mateo county, which is a difficult county, and a lot of bad people were involved. People I had never met in my life were saying they knew me and testifying against me. Michael Cardoza tore it all apart and shone light on all the lying. Many of those testifying against me were doing so because they would get time off of their sentences. It was a terrible thing. Michael is very diligent. He breaks everything down in laymen's terms and looks for practicality in every situation. He uses simple analogies that everyone can understand, and is very thorough. He is very people-oriented. I have referred many people to Cardonza Law Offices.

  • The experience working with Michael was unbelievable

    Cardoza Law Offices represented me in a civil case and assisted the district attorney's office. It was a big criminal case. The experience working with Michael was unbelievable. It was a fairly big case, and it got a lot of publicity. Michael handled it all really well, and he screened everything for me. He prepared me for every step of the way, for interviews or the next step in the case. He worked with other attorneys, as well as the district attorney's office. He was great at coordinating the overall efforts of the team.

  • They are a great one stop shop for all your legal needs.

    Lawsuits are no fun, especially if you're the one getting sued! We found the attorneys very knowledgeable, practical, and most importantly honest and caring. We felt that our attorneys always had our best interest at heart. They were experienced and efficient. They didn't rack up our hours unnecessarily. They didn't get caught up in dueling egos with the other side. They are a great one stop shop for all your legal needs. I also use them for contract review and advice on other matters.

  • I couldn't have asked for more from a law firm.

    I was referred to the firm by my brother in law. When I contacted them they gave me a thorough and pragmatic overview of my case given the information I was able to provide. The case could have had many different results, but my 5 star rating would not have changed, they handled everything with the most care, listening to my concerns and giving me scenerios that could possibly happen. I fortunately ended up receiving the best results mainly due to their efforts. I would always recommend them. Thanks Holly, Jason and Michael

  • Michael Cardoza is THE best criminal attorney

    Michael Cardoza IS the best criminal attorney I have dealt with. Fair, reasonably priced and to the point. I recommend him to all the people I know, he will take care of your situation. THIS IS THE GUY.